Thrasher Shrooms 1/8

Thrasher has a reputation for being extremely visual, but otherwise only moderately potent. That is, you’ll see more but be less high than you would on another strain at a similar dose. But the fact is that even within a strain, mushrooms vary significantly, meaning that there is a lot of biochemical overlap between strains—and in any case the dosage and the user’s set, setting, and personal biochemistry have far more to do with the quality of a given trip than the choice of strain does[ii].

So, Thrasher, just like other cubes (and most psilocybin mushrooms in general) causes variations in thought-pattern, mood, and perception. Ideally, that means profound insights, euphoria and a sense of connectedness, and some entertaining visuals (although very low doses might not change perception much, if at all). Rare but possible are freaky, unpleasant experiences and horrible anxiety, but there are steps users can take to avoid that, and an experienced psychonaut can learn a great deal from even a “bad” trip.

Besides psychological effects, psilocybin also does other things to the body, most of them benign (or possibly even helpful), but some side-effects are unpleasant, such as nausea. Serious, even dangerous, side-effects are rare but possible, especially on higher doses.